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QuickTOCtrace Analyser system

New - QuickTOCtrace Analyser system

Specially designed for Ultra Pure Water Applications!

 TOC Trace

 The QuickTOCtrace Analyser is an online system working on the basis of the traditional continuous flow process with conductivity detection. UV oxidation using  the “direct surface” process guarantees highest precision thanks to highly sensitive conductivity sensors. With integrated temperature sensors, all data that is relevant to the measurement of TOC are monitored and processed. The QuickTOCtrace can therefor reliably determine TOC concentrations in a measuring range of 0.1 - 1,000 ppb.

The QuickTOCtrace is an easy to use, low-maintenance on-line Analyser system, that enables quick and reliable monitoring of Total Organic Carbon in pure water applications,

Multiple sample streams can be monitored on one Analyser system. 

The parameters monitored is conductivity and TOC. 

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