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QuickCOD lab - Laboratory Application



Rapid Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) determination specifically configured for the laboratory.  

  • NO Reagents Required
  • NO Harmfull waste products to dispose of
  • Complete Oxidation in 3 minutes
  • Catalyst Free
  • ASTM D6238-98 method

The Analyser system offers clean, fast and accurate analysis of chemical oxygen demand levels in waste water, surface water and process water.





Environmentally Friendly COD Analysis

Chemical Oxygen Demand can now safely and cleanly be determined without the use of chemicals or catalysts.  With the dichromate method or cuvette tests, harmful reagents are required.  This means that laboratory personnel are exposed to these chemicals on a regular basis.  Not to mention the cost of disposing of these harmful waste products.  

The COD measurement is based on the thermal oxidation of the sample at 1 200 degrees Celsius. At this high temperature all substances are oxidised (complete oxidation) without the need for reagents or catalysts. 

High Salt concentrations are easily handled with the High Salt Option available on the Analyser system.  Salt concentrations of as high as 300 g/L NaCl can easily be monitored on the system. 

Measurement Principle 

Measuring Ranges: 1-100 mg/L; 10-200 mg/L; 100-1,000 mg/L; 1,000-3,000 mg/L; 2,000-10,000 mg/L; up to 250 000 mg/L

Response Time: 3 minutes

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher

Data Interface: USB 2.0, LAN (optional)

Data Output: Export as CSV-file

The On-Line version of this Analyser system is also available.  For Rapid On-Line COD Analysis the QuickCODultra Analyser system is available and works on the same high temperature oxidation technique as the laboratory system. 


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