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FlowSampler Sampling System

The patented FlowSampler from LAR is a specialised sample conditioning system to ensure filtration free operation of the Analyser system.  Filtration devices tend to require high maintenance and can be expensive to run in certain applications. With the FlowSampler device, the need for filtration is completely eliminated.  During the filtration process, the sample matrix changes, which could affect the results obtained.  With the addition of a FlowSampler, we ensure that a true representative sample is analysed.  The FlowSampler requires no maintenance and is self cleaning.  The sample is siphoned-off from the sample stream towards the main flow direction of the water. The device operates on the mass seperation principle and ensures that no blockages occur in the the Analyser system.  Even the most difficult of samples - for instance the raw influent to a WWTP - is no challenge with this addition to the Analyser system.     

The FlowSampler from LAR is installed next to the Analyser system.

Multiple sample stream applications are available to ensure no cross contamination occurs during the analysis process.

Technical Description

The sampling device FlowSampler requires a flow of 2-5 m³/h (max. 10 m³/h) and at a max. counter pressure of <0.2 bar at the sampling tube of the FlowSampler (Di = 3). The temperature of the sample should be less than 50 °C. For sample temperatures up to 90°C, a special PP version of the FlowSampler is available.

The connection of the FlowSampler can be realised as a PVC tube screwing of 32 mm (external) or as tube connection for a pressure hose with 30 mm internal diameter. For the sample drain the same dimension are valid.


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