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Certified Protective Analyzer Housings

OnLine Analyser systems are installed in all kinds of inductrial environments.  Refineries and chemical plants pose their own challenges due to the explosive gasses, vapours or mists that are often present.  

Analyser systems installed in these facilities must have the proper protective housings and safety features.  In Zone I or Zone II clasified areas, these Analyser system must have the proper certification.  In these areas, the slightest spark could cause an explosion, which could have dire effects.  

Our LAR Analyser systems are supplied with a wide range of tailor made protection housings in accordance to international standards (IEC 60079-14:2007) and regulations. These stand-alone analysers do not always require air-conditioned shelters as their enclosures correspond to requirements of Nema 4x (IP 65) and ATEX for Zone I and Zone II (T3, T4). The Ex proof housings are made specifically for the use within hazardous and potentially explosive environments.


The ex proof classification depends on the type of flammable substances in the specific area, for instance. gas, vapour, mist or a cloud of combustible dust and the probability that these may be present.


Zone 0:  Gas, vapour or mist persent continously,  for long periods or frequently

Zone I:  Gas, vapour or mist likely to occur occasionally during normal operation

Zone II: Gas, vapour or mist no likely to occur during normal operation, but if it does, will persist for a short period only