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COD Analyser Elox100

  • Measurement range: 1 - 100,000 mg/l COD
  • Response time: < 4 minutes
  • Electrochemical oxidation
  • COD monitoring
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • High oxidation capacity
  • No chloride disturbances
  • No memory effects




  • Waste water treatment
  • Process control
  • Detailed application overview
  • FlowSampler


  • IP55 (NEMA 13) (Standard)
  • NEMA 4X (IP65)

Online COD for waste water treatment plants and process monitoring.

TheElox100 of the LAR Process Analysers AG is the ultimate online COD analyser for the determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in waste water treatment plants or in the process industry.

The electrochemical oxidation. A clean alternative.

With the patented Lead-Dioxide-Electrode by LAR OH-radicals are produced. Compared to other oxidants OH-radicals have a significantly higher oxidation potential. Thus, hard to oxidize substances can be fast and easily oxidized without using dangerous chemicals.This electrochemical principle is used for our Elox100. During the reaction the electricity produced will be measured, which is proportional to the consumed OH-radicals. The OH-radicals are directly related to the COD again.

This method offers a fast, simple, accurate and pollution-free alternative to the common dichromate method (wet chemical method).

The Elox100. Ultra quick measurements and maintenance.

The measurement of the COD takes place in less than 4 minutes and therefore it is faster than the convential dichromate method, which requires 2 hours. This speed guarantees that very short peaks can be determined very well during a daily cycle.

The analyser's availability is over 98%. The weekly service of the COD analyser is about 30 minutes.

Our Online-Measurement. Clean, fast and accurate.

The technique does not need any hazardous, corrosive substances, so that a high level of operational safety is ensured and the environment is protected.

Another advantage of this method is: The measurement results are due the complete digestion and the unique litigation free from chloride interference.