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The clean COD determination in the laboratory. Chemical-free.

QuickCOD lab Clean. Fast. Accurate.

The clean COD determination in the laboratory.

The environmentally friendly COD analysis.

You can now determine chemical oxygen demand quickly, cleanly and safely with the right measurement procedure – without any chemicals.

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is one of the most important sum parameters in water analysis. It is considered as a reference for the organic
load of waste water, both in the industrial and municipal sectors. In general, analytical processes are based on the use of different reagents.
However, the safe and environmentally friendly procedure is thermal oxidation.

What COD means. Relevance and versatility.

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) describes the amount of oxygen that is needed to chemically oxidise organic compounds in water, using an (often environmentally dubious) oxidant. The aim is to determine the demand for oxygen, which is primarily required to oxidise organic matter.
This oxygen demand is relevant for the planning, control and cleaning efficiency of waste water treatment plants, as well as a basis for the calculation of sewage charges.

COD measurement methods. Still up-to-date?

The standard potassium dichromate method (DIN 38409 H41-H44) dominates the market. It is also available in a modified form as cuvette tests
(DIN ISO 15705:2003). Here, potassium dichromate is used as an oxidising agent, silver sulphate as a catalyst, as well as sulphuric acid. Mercuric chloride is also used to mask chloride interferences. This risky chemical cocktail is heated after the aqueous sample has been added, and then simmered for approx. two hours. The oxygen demand is calculated from the concentration of residual dichromate. The high consumption of hazardous substances has long been the subject of lively debate.

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