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On-Line Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) monitoring

COD monitoring plays an important role when it comes to environmental and process water applications.  COD can be determined in the laboratory and on-line using various methods which differ significantly in the required analysis time and consumables and reagents used. 

Our LAR QuickCODultra Analyser system uses the Thermal Combustion Method where the sample is completely oxidised at 1200 degrees C.  With this method, the COD values are determined without correlation factors as the Analyser system monitors the amount of oxygen consumed during oxidation using a ZrO2 detector.    

With this method, NO REAGENTS are required, and results are available in 1-2 minutes.  Making this a truly RAPID COD Analyser system, perfect for on-line applications.  This Analyser system can handle particles and has a maintenance free sample preparation unit which means a representative sample will be monitored at all times. 

Recently a QuickCODultra Analyser system was installed on a blend tank in a process plant.  The results generated by the QuickCODultra Analyser was compared to the results on the same samples analysed at the plant laboratory.  The trend speaks for itself.

COD Result comparison



  • Measurement Range: 0.1 - 200 000mg/L COD
  • Method: Thermal Oxidation at 1200 degrees C
  • ASTM Method
  • Analysis Time: 1-2 minutes
  • No Reagents
  • Individually programmable user levels
  • Serial Interface: RS232
  • Analog Output: 0/4 - 20mA
  • Remote Control: Through TCP/IP Protocol
  • High resolution and back lit TFT touchscreen graphic display
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