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Modular Design Mobile Laboratory

New Modular Design Mobile Laboratory

Analysers On-Line has built a new Mobile Laboratory combining both Bench systems and On-Line Analysers. The Station is modular in its basic design and can be optimised as required to perform analysis in the field for acid mine drainage (AMD), spill detection or environmental monitoring as some typical examples.

The company has a whole array of suitable equipment for use in the Station or external equipment can be sourced, all enquiries are welcome.

The Station is complete with a suitable pump to provide a fast flow loop if real time monitoring is required. There is a built-in water reservoir and sink for washing purposes. The Mobile Station design is a proven one based and improved on our previous field designs featuring improved insulation and storage facilities.

As the name implies the Station is completely mobile and roadworthy for easy movement to site to site as required by the user’s program of test work. 

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