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Mobile Laboratory Monitoring

Mobile Laboratory Monitoring 

Since 2013 the MOSA Mobile Laboratory has been successfully used in the field in various projects. With the use of suitable sampling devices, sample monitoring can be performed on-line or at-line. With on-line monitoring the sample water in a river or dam can be monitored 24/7 which allows for trend monitoring and a true picture of any discharge present to be assessed.

This specific Mobile Laboratory is equipped with LAR Instrumentation to monitor on-line a variety of water quality parameters such as TOC, COD, free ammonia, nitrate, pH, conductivity, redox and toxicity. Other additional bench parameters such as phosphate, sulphate and water hardness were also determined in the Station.

During one of these projects, the Mobile Laboratory was used to assist our German partners in monitoring water quality in the influent and effluent water from a mobile WWTP which enabled them to make the timeously adjustments to their plant.  

For another project, the Mobile Laboratory was used to monitor on-line water quality of a river inlet feeding a WTP. Other water samples of tributary streams and a WWTP in the area were also analysed successfully and the data obtained could be assessed and reacted on immediately.


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