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Salt in Industrial Waste Water

Dissolved salts in water can be particularly challenging for On-Line Analyser systems.  With our LAR Process Analysers, we have an innovative method to deal with these challenges in the industrial environment.

Salts are used as primary products, processing material as well as final products in many industries.  Generally salts can be devided into organic and inorganic salts and most are soluble in water.  

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and/or Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoing in many industries are regulated by law or required by the company itself. So the monitoring of these parameters when high salt concentrations are present, can be a huge challenge and historically Analyser systems tend to block up and require many hours or maintenance to clear these blockages.  

With our LAR Ultra Analyser system, high salt concentrations can easily be dealt with in the industrial environment with minimal maintenance.  Our  system works on the Thermal Combustion method with a very high furnace temperature of 1200 degrees C.  Any Analyser system using temperatues of 680-1000 degrees C requires catalysts to improve their oxidation potention because the temperature in the reactor is not homogeneous.  With our high temperature combustion (1200 degrees C), the temperature exceeds the melting point of common salts.  The sample will be completely oxidised and therefore no salts remain in the reactor.

The LAR Process Analyser system with the patented oven operation, is capable of handling high salt applications with ease.  High salt concentrations of up to 300g/L NaCl (30%) are easily handled by the robotic arm system and special high salt option.  So no additional sample dilutions are required on these Analyser systems.  

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