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Drinking Water Protection

Drinking water protection and water quality are critical to human health. Utilising rapid screening technologies can provide quick and reliable results for assurance while saving costs over the traditional laboratory analysis.  Rapid On-Line, field and laboratory testing equipment is available to cover most critical parameters for water quality monitoring.  

 drinking water



  • Pesticides in surface and groundwater
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • Total Organic Carbon / Total Carbon / Total Inorganic Carbon 
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Spill detection
  • Toxicity early warning
  • Natural metals in groundwater (arsenic)
  • Polymer dosing
  • Trace metal surface water pollution
  • Coagulant control
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs) in post treatment
  • VOCs in raw water
  • Toxicity for deliberate or accidental contamination
  • Algae and algal toxins in raw water

Industry Applications

QuickTONultra On-Line Total Bounded Nitrogen
QuickTOCNPO On-Line COD, TOC, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus/Ortho Phosphate Analyser
QuickTOCpurity On-Line TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analyser system
ChemScan UV-Analyser and Probe Systems Wet Chemical Methods for UV Applications and probe systems for various applications
QuickCODultra On-Line or At-Line Rapid COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyser)
Nitritox On-Line General Toxicity Monitoring
ToxAlarm On-Line Toxicity Monitoring
BioMonitor On-Line BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand Analyser)
Strip Tests Pesticides Immunoassay tube, strip and plate tests
Microcystins - EnviroGard Algal toxins immunoassay plate kit
SRB (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) - QuickChek SRB Immunoassay Kit
Microtox M500 Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII Portable and Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
PDV6000ultra Portable and Laboratory Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
OVA7000  On-Line and At-Line Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
DeltaToxII ATP Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
AlgaeChek Portable and Laboratory Chlorophyll a, Cyanobacteria and Turbidity monitor
Multisensor 1200 On-Line VOC monitor
Multisensor 2000 On-Line THM (Trihalomethanes) monitor
BODChek Portable and Laboratory BOD Fluorometer
Microtox CTM On-Line Acute Toxicity Monitoring
AmMonitor - Contact AOL On-Line or At-Line Ammonia Monitoring
Total Organic Carbon - UV Oxidation TOC UV Oxidation Analyser System