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Total Suspended Solids


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Cleaning jet options protect the sensor optics and minimises maintenance requirements.  

The measurement of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) is an important environmental parameter.  Our Monitek Analyser system measures the TSS in liquid-phase samples.

The sensor can be flange mounted or submersed and user defined units such as ppm, mg/L, g/L are easily programmable to suit each users specific requirements.  

Rapid Return on Investment

  • Never miss an unexpected TSS spike
  • Gauranteed Contractual Compliance
  • Automate Custody Transfer Validation
  • Meet Environmental Regulations 

Explosion proof sensors are available and sample temperatures and pressures of up to 140 degrees C and 200 psi can easily be handled.  

Up to 100 m cable lengths are available with custom connections.  


 Fliter Break-Through Protection

  • Edible Oil Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Fertiliser Production
  • Food and Beverage


Sand and Aggregate

  • Silica Fines
  • Clarifier Polymer Dosing Control