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Monitek™ In-line Monitoring

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

Our Monitek range of Analyser systems offer flange-mounted and subermisble sensors.  User defined units such as ppm, mg/L and g/L is easy to program and optimise for each users specific needs and requirements.  

 Rapid Return On Investement

  • Never miss an unexpected TSS spike
  • Gauranteed Contractual Compliance
  • Automate Custory Transfer Validation
  • Meet Environmental Regulations

 Measurement Certainty

  • Explosion-Proof Sensors
  • Samples up to 140 degrees C and 200 psi
  • Customised Materials of Construction
  • Cleaning Jep Option Protects Sensor Optics

 Key Applications

Filter Break-Through Protection

  • Edible Oil Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Fertiliser Production
  • Food and Beverage

Sand and Aggregate

  • Silica Fines
  • Clarifier Polymer Dosing Control
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