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  • Treatment plant pilot studies
  • Biocide comparative studies
  • Stormwater/Runoff 
  • AnalysisStream Testing
  • Sediment Analysis
  • River Testing
  • Oil Spill Analysis
  • Ecotoxicity Studies

 Industry Applications

Microtox M500 Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII Portable and Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII ATP Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
EnviroGard Algal Toxins Immunoassay kits
PDV6000ultra Portable and Laboratory Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
AlgaeChek Portable and Laboratory Chlorophyll a, Cyanobacteria and Turbidity monitor
RaPID Assay PCB Magnetic particle immunoassay kits
RaPID Assay BTEX/ TPH Magnetic particle immunoassay kits BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene)
RaPID Assay PAH Magnetic particle immunoassay kits
RaPID Assay CPAH Magnetic particle immunoassay kits Carcinogenic PAH
RaPID Assay PCP Immunoassay kits Pentachlorophenol
Ensys TNT Colourimetric test kits
EnviroGard Chlordane Coated tube immunoassay kits
EnviroGard DDT Coated tube immunoassay kits
RaPID Assay Atrazine Immunoassay kits
EnviroGard Triazine Immunoassay tube kits
RaPID Assay 2, 4-D Immunoassay kits
Triclopyr Immunoassay kits
EnviroGard Microcystins Immunoassay plate kits
QuickChek SRB Immunoassay kits