Regulatory compliance guides the testing performed within most wastewater facilities to help understand the process of the plant affects the final effluent stream being released into a sewer system, a secondary treatment system, river or other body of water. 

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  • Trace metals in influent and effluent
  • Toxicity of influent and effluent
  • BOD on WWTP discharge
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand of influent and effluent streams
  • Ortho-phosphate / Total Phosphorus monitoring on final discharge streams
  • Oil in Water applications (OIW)
  • Total Bounded Nitrogen and Ammonia determinations
  • Organics
  • Colourimetric Analysis of various parameters
  • Chloramination


Industry Applications

PDV6000ultra Portable and Laboratory Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
OVA7000 On-Line and At-Line Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
Microtox M500 Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII Portable and Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
Microtox CTM On-Line Acute Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII ATP Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
QuickTONultra On-Line Total Bounded Nitrogen
QuickTOCNPO On-Line COD, TOC, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus/Ortho Phosphate Analyser
QuickTOCultra On-Line TOC, TC and TIC Analysis
BODChek Portable and Laboratory BOD Fluorometer
QuickOIL Industrial and Edible Oil discharge
Nitritox On-Line General Toxicity Monitoring
ChemScan On-Line or At-Line Ammonia Monitoring
BioMonitor On-Line BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand Analyser)
Elox100 On-Line COD Monitoring
ChemScan Chloramination
ChemScan Metal Monitoring
ChemScan Organics Monitroing
ChemScan Various parameters using state of the art probe technologies