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Pharmaceutical and Personal Care

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Acute toxicity monitoring for:

  • Environmental risk assessment of new product formulations
  • Characterisation of in-process waste streams to prevent disruption of biological treatment
  • Treated effluent monitoring to ensure compliance with industrial pre-treatment and NPDES permit

Water quality parameters such as TOC for:

  • Ultra Pure Water applications
  • Highly Purified Water (HPW)
  • Water for Injection (WFI)

Industry Applications

QuickTOCpharma On-Line TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analyser system
Microtox M500 Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII Portable and Laboratory Toxicity Monitoring
DeltaToxII ATP Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)







Food and Beverage Analysis

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  • Heavy and Trace Metals in water intake 
  • TOC / TIC / TC Monitoring
  • Toxicity in water intake
  • BOD in wastewater
  • Metals in mineral water
  • ATP in microbial detection
  • Toxicity and metals in water intake for breweries

Monitoring in the raw water can provide operators with immediate information to facilitate adequate treatment to ensure that there is no impact on the food/drink quality. 

Our technology is robust and reliable, can be operated by technicians anywhere in the world. The portable, laboratory and online systems have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use, enabling customers to monitor pollutant levels, optimise their processes, minimise damage to the environment and protect the health of employees and communities.

Industry Applications

PDV6000ultra Portable and Laboratory Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
OVA5000 On-Line and At-Line Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
OVA7000 On-Line and At-Line Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
OVA7000DualCell On-Line and At-Line Heavy/Trace Metal Analyser system
EnviroGard Algal Toxins Immunoassay kits
Elox100 COD Analyser On-Line COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyser)
QuickCODultra On-Line or At-Line Rapid COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyser)
QuickTOCultra On-Line or At-Line Rapid TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
BioMonitor On-Line BOD Monitoring (Biological Oxygen Demand)

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