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We are excited to announce the introduction of a NEW line of high quality NIST traceable pH, ORP and Conductivity calibration buffers and standard solutions. 

The HORIBA LAQUA NIST traceable pH buffers and standard solutions meet the highest quality standards for your accurate calibrations in the laboratory or field.

Innovative dosing bottles

Pouring solution back into the standard solution bottle results in contamination and inaccurate calibration. The new LAQUA standard
solutions are packaged in a dosing bottle which prevents contamination. Also, just a soft squeeze on the bottle will provide you the amount you need for calibration.

Long shelf life 

Aside from 2 years shelf-life, the standard solutions have extended usable life after opening, since only small amount of air can get into the bottle. Carbon dioxide in air can contaminate standard solutions, especially low conductivity standards and pH 10.01 buffer.

Quality assurance

Each batch of standard solution is being double-checked by an independent, certified laboratory in Germany to guarantee the accuracy and reproducibility of values.


Each bottle is carefully packed in a transparent plastic zip bag which also holds the certificate of analysis.

Certificate of analysis 

All standard solutions are supplied with certificates of analysis (COAs).

Easy 4-Step Calibration with no contamination of the solution

Step 1: Prepare the electrode and open the standard solution Step 2: Gently squeeze the bottle to fill the calibration chamber with standard solution Step 3: Insert the electrode into the calibration chamber of the standard solution bottle and calibrate Step 4: Dispose of the used solution from the calibration chamber
Instruction Step 1 Instruction Step 2 Instruction Step 3 Instruction Step 4

Variety in volumes

The LAQUA pH and conductivity standard solutions are available in 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL (1L) bottles and the ORP standard solutions are available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

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