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Effective Microbial Monitoring

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LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP kits provide fast, complete and accurate insight into microbiological activity.  Both portable and easy to use, the test kits provide an interference-free indication of total microbial quantity within minutes of sample collection. 

With LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP monitoring test kits, operators in any industry can realise the same benefits of real-time feedback on microbiological analysis.  From past experience and years of research, LuminUltra has overcome the obstacles that plagued past ATP technologies and can now apply ATP measurments to virually any type of sample.

2nd Generation ATP testing provides the benefits of:

  1. High Sensitivity - LuminUltra has developed a unique sample concentration and ATP recovery method that allows sensitive detection without a culturing step.
  2. Fully Quantitative Results - Calculation of actual ATP concentrations corrects for all external variables and enables historical comparisons to be done regardless of reagent activity.
  3. Easy to Use - All reagents are liquid stable and doesnt need any preparation prior to analysis.
  4. High Accuracy - LuminUltra's test protocols extract all AtP available in the sample.  This coupled with the complete removal of interferences allows users to feel confident with the results.
  5. High Precision - Reliable sample transfer techniques and complete ATP recovery means that LuminUltra's methods are able to achieve excellent repeatability.
  6. Fully Portable - Analysis can be done on site with results being available in minutes.  
  7. Real Time Feedback - Same shift decisions and recommendations.

Microbial contamination in water systems does not only have economic implications but the environmental risk associated must also be taken into account.  A well managed control program is essential. 

For more information on our LuminUltra range or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us