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QuenchGone 2nd Generation ATP Testing

2nd Generation ATP Test Kits

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Luminultra's 2nd Generation ATP kits provide fast, complete and accurate insight into microbial activity.  Both portable and easy to use, the test kits provide an interference-free indication of total microbial quantity within minutes of sample collection, allowing you to save valuable time, help better manage risk and reduce operating costs.  

What is ATP?

ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, is the main energy carrying molecule for all forms of life.  This makes the measurement of ATP a direct indication of total microorganisms!

ATP testing detects all living microorganisms, rather than just a fraction of the total population.  As well, ATP testing is extremely fast - it provides results in minutes instead of days.  These two critical advantages over traditional counting techniques can help you save time, manage risk and reduce costs.  


QuenchGone Aqueous: Provides a highly sensitive and interference free measurement of total living microorganisms in nearly any filterable water - Drinking and Cooling Water applications

QuenchGone Organic-M: Sepcifically designed to meaure total microorganisms in organic fluids. Compliant with STM E2694 and ASTM D7687 - Metalworking Fluids, Fuels and Oilfields

QuenchGone21 Industrial: A robust reagent system allows reliable measurement of total microorganisms in high solids water and slurries - Paper process water and Wash water

QuenchGone21 Specialty: Provides a real-time measurement of total microorgaism popultation size and stress level in high-solids slurries and other chemical products - Slurries, Paints and Personal care

QuenchGone21 Wastewater: Accurately measure living biomass concentration and detect toxicity in and around bioreactors to optimise operating costs and stability - Biological Watewater Treatment

Deposit&Surface Analysis: Gain a rapid and complete measurement of total microorganisms in all types of solid samples - Slimes, Biofilms, Coupons, Biologycal Filter Media

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