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Modern Water Analysis

logofw Modern Water is expert in the design, development and provision of analytical instruments and technologies...
brand luminultra 01LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP Kits provide fast, complete and accurate insight into microbiological activity.

Galvanic Applied Sciences


Galvanic Analyser systems offer rugged, fit for purpose, Liquid Analysis systems.  These process Analysers offer monitoring options for various In-Line measurements (OIW, TSS, Turbidity), Viscosity and On-Line systems for Colorimetric, Titration, Ion Selective Electrode & Direct Measurement determinations. 


LAR AG Water Analyzers

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LAR AG is the leading provider for water analysis instruments for waste water technology, process monitoring and pure water analysis.

ChemScan UV-Series Analysers


ChemScan Process Analyser Systems specialise in monitoring water and waste water systems for the detection of nutrients, halogens, dissolved metals and other water quality parameters.  These Analyser and probe systems are suited to various industrial and municipal applications.

Mobile Water Laboratory


We offer the customisation of Trailers to fully operational Field Stations. We have been appointed officially to the MOSA Project where we fabricated such stations for the South African Environment



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HORIBA provides measurement solutions for automotive, process, environmental, medical, semiconductor and scientific industry.