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Automated Trace Metal Monitoring - OVA7000


Fully Automated On-Line monitoring is possible with our OVA7000, OVA7000 Dual Cell and OVA5000 Trace / Heavy Metal Analyser systems.  These fully automated on-line metal monitors enables municipalities, industries and environmental agencies to continuously determine the levels of trace metals in process streams, effluent discharges, rivers and potable water.

The OVA7000 has a built in PC, which can be controlled by a computer connected via Wi-Fi or LAN.  This external control prevents unauthorised users from making any changes.  The Analyser system is housed in a modular cabinet with a seperate reagent cabinet.  

The OVA7000 Analyzer system runs on low power 12V DC (or standard 90 - 260V AC), making it the ideal solution for remote locations.


Process Explained

In Voltammetry metals are drawn onto the working electrode when a specific voltage is applied to the water sample under test.  

When a stripping voltage is applied, the metals return to the sample solution, generating a small current.  Eash metal has a specific voltage at which it returns to solution.  So the metal is identified by its stripping boltage and the current generated indicates the concentration of metal in the sample.     

VA explained  


Limits of Detection


Metal Name


Ag Silver 5 μg/L
As (III) Arsenic (III) 10 μg/L
As (Total) Arsenic μg/L
Au Gold μg/L
Cd Cadmium 0.5 μg/L
Co Cobalt 10 μg/L
Cr (VI) Chromium (VI) 10 μg/L
Cr (Total) Total Chromium 10 μg/L
Cu Copper μg/L
Fe Iron 10 μg/L
 Hg Mercury
0.5 μg/L
Manganese μg/L
Mo Molybdenum μg/L
Ni Nickel μg/L
Pb Lead μg/L
Pd Palladium μg/L
Sb (III) Antimony (III) μg/L
Se (IV) Selenium (IV) 10 μg/L
Sn Tin μg/L
Te Tellurium 10 μg/L
Tl Thallium μg/L
U Uranium μg/L
Zn Zinc μg/L