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Laboratory Microtox LX Analyser system

The NEW Microtox LX is the new generation of laboratory based acute toxicity Analyser systems.  The new Analyser blends Modern Water's proven M500 technology with improved features to simplify testing in demanding drinking, industrial and wastewater applications. 

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Key Features

  • Biological early warning system sensitive to more than 2,700 simple and complex chemicals allows for the protection of drinking water supplies from accidental or deliberate contamination.
  • Test results correlate highly with other widely accepted toxicity test methods and helps to ensure compliance with regulatory and effluent permit standards in wastewater applications. 
  • Proven - Numerous independent scientific studies have documented Microtox's performance as an effective toxicity screening tool in a wide array of applications.
  • Increased Sensitivity - The use of a new proprietary, fully dynamic photomultiplier increases the sensitivity of the instrument. 
  • Fast, Reliable and Reproducible Results - Results are available in as lilttle as 15 minutes after intial sample preparation. 
  • Actively cooled sample and read wells enable more precise and consistent readings. 
  • Automatic colour correction feature adjusts test results based on the sample's turbidity. 
  • Cost effective - A low cost toxicity test that requires small sample volumes. 
  • Manufactured in a certified ISO 13485 quality system with 100% lot traceability. 

LX Features


How Microtox Technology Delivers Rapid and Highly Accurate Results

Biological monitoring techniques are playing an increasingly important role in the evaluation of acute toxicity.  Biosensors using bioluminescent bacterial have been in use for over 30 years.  Modern Water developed the Microtox technology to address the limitations of conventional bioassay toxicity analysis.  Due to the simplicity, speed, economics, convenience and reproducibility. 

The Microtox system uses a proprietary strain of bioluminescent bacteria, Aliivibrio fischeri.  Upon exposure to a sample containing toxic materials, changes in the bacteria's light output are measured by the Microtox LX's luminometer.  The greater the reduction in light emitted by the bacteria, the greater the toxicity of the sample. 

For further product information or information on the test protocols, please contact us