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ChemScan Chloramination Analyser System

A ChemScan® On-Line Analyzer can automatically provide operators with timely process chemistry measurements, without the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis. 


  • Free Ammonia
  • Total Ammonia
  • True Monochloramine
  • Total Chlorine
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  • Multiple Wavelength UV absorbance Detection System
  • Internal Multiple Sample Line Manifold
  • Automatic Zero and Clean
  • Internal Data Logs
  • Benign, Inexpensive Reagents
  • No Ion Specific Electrodes to Clean and Replace
  • Simple to Use and Maintain


  • On-Line Analysis of One or Two Sample Streams
  • Four Parameter Analysis
  • Analog, Serial or MODBUS Output Capabilities
  • Multiple Alarms (Optional)
  • Cotinual Self Diagnostics with Alarm
  • Detection down to 0.02 mg/L or less


  • Potable Water
  • Waste Water Effluent


  • High Reliability
  • Assure Process Conformance
  • Control Energy and Chemical Costs
  • Improve Process Performance
  • Avoid Taste and Odour Complaints

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