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Process Probes for pH, EC, Ammonium, Chloride, Turbidity...and more

ChemScan MPX4 Sensor

The ChemScan MPX4 is a cost-effective multi-probe, enabling easy integration with control systems and telemetry for long-term installation plus portable wireless data collection when used as a handheld device. 

 ChemScan MPX4


  • Salinity
  • pH / ORP
  • Nitrate (NO3-)
  • Rhodamine WT Fluorescence Intensity
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Dissolved Oxygen (RDO)


  • Temperature / Conductivity                                                      
  • ORP /pH
  • Ammonium (NH4+)
  • Chloride (Cl-)
  • Turbidity
  • Blue Green Algae - Phycocerythrin

The probe can also be used for spot checking utilising Bluetooth data collection. With interchangeable sensors, the probe replaces multiple instruments reducing overall monitoring costs. Highly stable sensors require minimal maintenace and calibration.


Reduces monitoring costs: With ultra-stable sensors that minimize calibration and maintenance needs, the multiprobe reduces total cost of ownernship.

Saves hours on fieldwork: The VuSitu mobile app records data directly from the probe for spot checks. Interfaces with ChemScan Control Point providing local display and connection to plant control system. Telemetry integration with HydroVu platform provides real-time access to remote monitoring data.

Delivers higher quality data:  Drift-resistant sensors with simplifi ed calibration provde accurate, reliable data - no messy field notebooks required. When using the instrument as a handheld, our mobile app walks you through SOPs to minimize errors. Rugged design with optional antifouling wiper ensures performance in harsh environments for longer deployments.

Ease of use: Streamlined data collection and automatic environmental compensation mean zero-processing, while our mobile app lets you tag sites and track GPS coordinates.

ChemScan RDOX Ruggedized Dissolved Oxygen Probe

The ChemScan RDOX uses optical technology to measure dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature in demanding process environments.  The Probe monitors influent, effluent and treatment processes, responding quickly to oxygen and temperature changes for more accurate results.

 RDOX Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe

The ChemScan rugged dissolved oxygen (RDO_ Probe uses optical technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in demanding wastewater process environments. 



Long-lasting calibration—the probe maintains calibration and operates with no drift over long-term deployments, delivering consistent, reproducible results.

Automatic setup—the ChemScan RDOX Cap is pre-loaded with factory calibration coefficients, serial number, and manufacture date. ChemScan RDOX can use Classic, Fast, or ChemScan RDOX Cap. Ships with ChemScan RDOX Cap.

Sensor health diagnostics—internal indicators alert you about excessive wear and remind you about regular maintenance intervals.

Fast response—with patented signal processing, the probe responds quickly and maintains stability, even in dynamically changing conditions.


The low-maintenance ChemScan RDOX Probe measures DO and provides extremely stable, accurate results. When the probe initiates a reading, a blue LED emits blue light, which excites lumiphore molecules in the sensing element. Excited lumiphore molecules emit red light, which is detected by a photodiode. Oxygen molecules quench the excited lumiphore molecules and prevent the emission of red light—a process called “dynamic luminescence quenching.” Determination of DO concentration by luminescence quenching has a linear response over a range of concentrations.

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