Horiba's handy PA-1000 "Radi" environmental radiation monitor makes it easy for non-specialists to measure even minute levels of gamma rays.  The PA-1000 offers high performance detection with a Csl (Tl) scintillator.  The Radi can measure radiation levels ranging from natural radiation to levels 100 to 200 times that intensity.  Even non-specialists will find it easy to accurately measure radiation of 0.001 - 9.999 µSv/h. 

With the PA-1000, the radiation measurement is displayed on a large LCD Display.  An audible beep sounds when radiation is detected. 

The system is splash-resistant, compact and lightweight and uses two AA batteries.  

Radiation Meter PA1000

Types of radiation:

Alpha rays: Alpha rays are streams of positively charged particles made up of two neutrons and two protons.  In the natural world, alpha rays are given off by radium 226.  In air, the particles cannot travel more than a few centimeters.  

Beta rays: Beta rays are streams of electrons.  In air, the particles can travel several dozen centimeters in a zigzag pattern.  

Gamma rays: Gamma rays, the most penetrating type of radiation, are electromagnetic waves.  They can pass through a human body.  X-rays that are used in X-ray machines are also electromagnetic waves.       

PA-1000 Radi Specifications:

  • Type of radiation measured: Gamma Rays
  • Sensitivity: ± 10%
  • Indicator value variation: Max. 0.1 coefficient of variation
  • Energy Range: More than 150 keV
  • Effective Measurment Range: 0.001 - 9.999 µSv/h
  • Display: 4-digit display (count value converted into µSv/h)
  • Sampling time: 60 seconds
  • Display interval: 60 second integrated value displayed every 10 seconds
  • Accessories: Instruction manual, two AA dry cell batteries, neck strap                                                                                                                 

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