Ammonia Monitoring

Continuous (Online) and Atline monitoring of Ammonia concentrations using dynamic standard addition.  

This highly versatile Analyser system is suitable for all water types and also offers process control capabilities.  


The AmMonitor uses the dynamic standard addition method for the determination of Ammonia.  After each injection of the sample, a determined volume of standard is added to the reaction vessel and the final result will be calculated.  This way matrix effects will be compensated for effectively.  The volume of the added standard will be calculated automatically according to the signal produced by the sample.    

The Standard Addition method compensates for any drift, therefore the calibration remains stable.  

Ion Selective Electrode Technology

The ISE is inclusive of the reference electrode which reduces maintenance requirements and makes the operation of the instrument cost effective and easy to use.

The method is optimised for low reagent demand.  The reagent usage is typically just 2.5 litres per month on an average of 100 analysis per day.  Reagents are readily available and can be made up in your own laboratory or ordered directly from Analysers On-Line.  All recipes will be provided to the end user.  

Monitoring of Surface Water, Industrial and Municipal Waste Water

The AmMonitor is suitable for almost every type of ammonia measurment in surface water, sewage treatment and industrial waste water applications.  The measurement range allows for the determination of ammonia values in a wide measuring range which fully covers the needs for environmental and process control applications.  

Maintenance and filtration free sample preparation

The patented sample preparation system 'FlowSampler' enables this Analyser system to run uninterruptedly on-line no matter the sample matrix.  

Technical Data

Typical Measurement Range 0 - 100 mg/L Ammonia; can be extended to 1000 mg/L
Accuracy 2%
Repeatability 1,5%
Response Time 30 seconds
Operation and Data Output LCD-screen; Autostart Function; Industry Standard Data Interface (RS232, RS422, programmable relays and PC and Printer connections)
Housing IP 54
Dimensions and Weight 600 x 440 x 300 mm; 20 kg

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